I love to give talks! It’s really rewarding to share knowledge and sometimes have the power to change people’s path.
I’ve doing this for over 10 years and I never feel like stopping.
However, my profession is not being a “speaker”. I’m an entrepreneur and a technology professional, more precisely, in software development.
I don’t give meaningless talks that are not part of my daily work.
Count on me to talk about JavaScript, software development in general, entrepreneurship, internet activism and the impacts of technology on the society.

Jaydson Dweb Meeting 2019

Basic info

Name: Jaydson Gomes
Company: On2 / BrazilJS
Role: Cofounder, Software developer
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Github: @jaydson
Blog: https://jaydson.com/en
Talks: https://jaydson.com/en/talks
Location: Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil


I am not picky, but before inviting me to your event/conference/etc keep in mind the following:

👉 If the event is not in my city (Porto Alegre, RS), the event should cover plane and hotel tickets
👉 Events in Porto Alegre or in the country side of RS should cover the cost of gas, or in some cases the bus fare, and hotel in case of need to sleep in the city
👉 My fee is negotiable and depending on the event (social focus, community, non-profit, etc.) it may be at no cost at all
👉 Extra trip expenses, such as parking at the airport, food, etc., should be covered by the event
👉 Please have the date and event venue set so I can organize things
👉 If possible, let me know the attendees profile (students, entrepreneurs, hard-core developers, etc.)
👉 If possible, let me know the estimated audience
👉 I appreciate the quality of the event I’m going to give a talk, so make sure everything is working well on the day (projector, internet, cables, sound, etc). In extreme cases, the talk can and will be canceled if the environment is not suitable
👉 In case the event going to be recorded, the video of my talk may be made available if it’s non-commercial
👉 Events must have a code of conduct
👉 Events must be diverse. Don’t even bother to invite me if your event is full of white man speaking

Jaydson at JSConf UY

Mini bio

@BrazilJS co-founder, On2 co-founder, Software developer, entrepreneur, author and editor at BrazilJS’ portal.

Full Bio

See complete bio in the about page.


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